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Finca El Maco is not only a hotel, it is the home of René, Paty, Yolanda and Yanay, and is also considered the second home of our staff Amparo, Nelson, Fabián and Tatiana, as well as many guests and friends of this house who have visited us more than once since we started operating in 1996. 

René Suter, born in Switzerland and Augustinian at heart, as he has been living in San Agustín for more than 30 years, started with a small restaurant and also selling products from the farm (milk, cheese, yoghurt, strawberries...). A couple of years later, he decided to build a cabin (the Cabaña room) to host his family and friends that came to visit him, gradually giving shape to the idea of organising a small hostel. Then came the construction of the Chalets, the Tipi and the Maloka and later the Casitas, with which the hotel grew and began to be recognised in the village and by travellers from all over the world - we have been outlined several times in travel guides such as Lonely Planet or Petit Futé. 

The support of his daughter Yanay, of Paty, Yolanda, and many other people who have lived, worked and put their hearts into El Maco during all these years, such as Rocio, Alirio, Ruth, Kelly, to name a few, has been fundamental for our Finca to grow, but above all for it to continue to feel like home, as many of our visitors tell us. 


Our philosophy has always been to offer a place of rest and relaxation in harmony with nature and to integrate respectfully with the environment and the people of San Agustin. These are some examples of how we seek to contribute to our Finca's and our town's sustainability:

  • We manage our own recycling programme and monitor our consumption of resources, always seeking to optimise their use.

  • The water heaters in our cabins are powered by solar panels. 

  • 95% of our Restaurant's supplies come from San Agustin shops, the local market and even from our own farm (part of the eggs, milk, aromatic herbs and some fruits come from our farm).

  • The shower gel in the bathrooms of our rooms as well as most of the cleaning products we use on the Finca are biodegradable.

  • Our cabins were built by Augustinians using biodegradable materials whenever possible.

  • Our employees are from San Agustín and are employed in accordance with all the provisions of the labour law. We also have all the necessary permits and documentation in order to guarantee a safe and transparent operation.


Throughout these years, we have received several Colombian and foreign visitors who have stayed to do an internship, to develop a particular project or simply to give us a hand in our Finca.


If you are interested in working with us for a season or if you have a proposal for a social project in El Maco or San Agustín and think that we could cooperate together, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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